Joined forces with The Asset Protection Strategy and saving clients Hundreds of Thousands of Pounds

By: IFA HOME COUNTIES   23/07/2011
Keywords: estate planning, Bespoke Advice

Asset Protection - Care Home Fees have Rocketed in recent years and without the correct planning if you need care in old age the authorities will look to you as an individual to fund these fees.

They will look at both your savings and your house.

Average care home fees in the South East of England are between £800 & £1,000 per WEEK. No we have not made a mistake in these figures, they are weekly. So it doesnt take a brain surgeon to work out that everything you have worked so hard for over the years, which was intended to be passed on to your children etc will disapear very quickly and people who havnt saved will receive the care for free.

That was until now, YOU CAN PROTECT YOUR WEALTH AND YOUR HOME, but do not hesitate as if you do it could be costly and you need to take measures when you are fit and healthy not wait until you are just about to receive care.

We are very exited about the fact we can offer yet a further service to our clients and one which has so far saved our clients hundreds of thousands of pounds. Why not be the next to save your hard earned savings.

Keywords: Bespoke Advice, estate planning