Water Detection Module for DIN rail mounting 24 Volt opperation

Water Detection Module for DIN rail mounting 24 Volt opperation from Aquentis

By: Aquentis  05/11/2010
Keywords: alarm, environmental monitoring, Detection Equipment

The unit is a single zone system capable of monitoring sensing devices within small to medium sized areas. They can be connected to a range of sensing devices including sensing cables, Mini plate sensor or the Aquentis probe.

The LDM's clean form "C" change-over contacts provides the alarm signal to the BMS, BEMS controller or other monitoring equipment. Power and alarm indications are also provided via onboard LED's. The unit features full range sensitivity adjustment to allow fine tuning to local conditions and to "tune out" spurious alarms often associated with other similar equipment.

As this 24Volt version operates on either AC or DC it can easily be powered by the BMS outstation or the AC units internal controls circuit and of course being DC as well it can be battery backed for more critical applications.

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