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By: Resolution Coaching  22/06/2009
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 Do you know where you're really going?  Are you wasting time, money and resources making all the wrong choices? Do you have the right support around you? Could you benefit from one hour with a trained professional who can point you in the right direction, help you to regain your motivation and excitement about what you want to achieve?
I run Free Discovery Sessions for all my new clients.  This helps me to evaluate whether they are right for coaching, for them to discover what coaching is all about and for me to decide whether I can work with them or not.  There has to be a certain amount of rapport in order for the process to work properly. The Discovery usually takes around one hour and can be undertaken over the telephone/skype or face to face.  This session is essentially a 'brain dump' where we get everything you need to evaluate out on paper.  From here I then take you through a process whereby you can establish exactly what you need to work on first and where you're really heading. 

10 Top Reasons to Experience A Free Powerful One hour Discovery:

Evaluate important areas of your life or career

Gain a deeper understanding of your own psyche and in what areas it's letting you down

Establish key milestones

Work out what hasn't worked so far and why

Step away from the treadmill and make a dispassionate assessment of your current situation

Gain a crystal clear picture of what needs changing

Evaluate what practical steps you need to take to move forward

Regain control and start thinking of new possibilities

Pull together an action plan and plan some steps going forward

Leave the session with a resurgence of excitement and motivation to get going as quickly as possible

If you would like to book a Discovery Session with me then send me an e-mail to [email protected]

Keywords: coaching