Capital Homebuyers guarantee to buy your home quickly for cash. Stop repossession. Sell & Rent Back.

Capital Homebuyers guarantee to buy your home quickly for cash. Stop repossession. Sell & Rent Back. from Capital Homebuyers

By: Capital Homebuyers  28/12/2008
Keywords: property, Repossession, Sell And Rent Back

Capital Homebuyers buy property fast, for whatever reason you need a quick sale. We guarantee a discreet and confidential written cash offer for your property within 24 hours, whatever its condition or location in Essex, London and throughout the UK. After we will proceed to exchange and complete on your property as quickly as we can.

1)A Straight Quick Sale. We pay cash for property and a fast cash sale on your home to us can be done within days or weeks. We always work to your timescales. No Fees, No Fuss. Equity release is fast; say goodbye to your money worries.

2) A Sell and Rent Back. Once you have sold your house to us, you may rent it back and stay for as long as you wish as a tenant or move on to buy/rent with our support should you need it. This is becoming an increasingly popular method to release equity fast while staying in your own home.

3) Sell your house and Rent it Back with a Buy Back option. This is the same as a Sell and Rent Back but with the added bonus of having an option of buying back your home at any time in the future should your sitaution improve, at a pre-agreed price.

Our service is totally without any cost at all and without any obligation. There are no agency or arrangement fees or any HIPS fees to pay whatsoever. We even pay all your legal bills upon completion and provide free valuations across the UK.

Whether you are facing repossession, eviction, financial difficulties, debt, divorce, separation or ill health we can help you out in an instant wherever you may be in the UK. Sell quickly to release equity and move on or sell and rent back with us for as long as you want. You can even buy back your property at a later date. You have more options than you might think!

Keywords: property, quick house sale, Repossession, Sell And Rent Back