Patio Heater - Tansun Sorrento IP - Electric Patio Heater

Patio Heater - Tansun Sorrento IP - Electric Patio Heater from

By:  06/10/2009
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Tansun Patio Heaters - ideal for pubs, restaurants, patios, terraces and domestic gardens

If you are looking for the market leader in electric patio heaters then a Tansun patio heater is the product for you. Patio heating from Tansun's range offers an ideal solution to the unpredictable British weather. They are ideal for barbecues, garden parties or even a quiet relaxing drink outside. These quartz patio heaters warm like the sun, in other words, they warm the people and objects and not the air between making it the only form of heat that does not blow away.

These patio heaters emit both radiant heat and a pleasant golden light. They are IP rated making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Algarve heaters are easy to use and install. Fix to wall, plug in, switch on and start enjoying the warmth.

Tansun Sorrento IP 1.5kW Infra Red Outdoor/Indoor Heater

Versatile and chic heater which provides efficient heat, equally complementing indoor and outdoor undercover environments.
The natural successor to the Algarve range the new stylish weatherproof IP-rated heater with superior lamp technology enhances both outdoor and indoor environments. The Sorrento range can also be grouped (brackets included) to meet your specific heating requirements. Stainless protection guard for optimum performance and long lamp life.

Tansun Sorrento IP Outdoor/Indoor Heater

Tansun Sorrento 1.5kW Outdoor/Indoor Heater: Performance Features

* 1.5kW quartz series lamp
* IP24 rated waterproof casing for full outdoor use
* Cast metal protective casing
* Complete with wall bracket and modular mounting bracket
* Heat span of 12 square metres (single heater)



Tansun Sorrento 1.5kW: Technical Data

* Voltage (V) - 230V
* Total power (kW) - 1.5kW
* Current (A) - 8.7A
* Minimum mounting height from floor - 2.4m
* Minimum distance from ceiling - 0.3m
* Minimum distance from side wall - 1.5m
* Dimensions W x H x D - 390 x 100 x 155mm
* Weight (kg) - 2.35kg
* Insulation - Class 1

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