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By: A J Smith & Son (benfleet)  02/10/2009
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Garden Furniture Treatment/Sealer...

In order to maintain and enhance the beautiful appearance of your wooden garden furniture it is essential that you apply the best possible wood treatment. UV light causes the greatest degree of breakdown in wood coating products and Rystix Timbacare has proven its premium quality characteristics in environments with solar radiation levels up to three times those experienced in the UK, making it the ideal solution for garden furniture treatment. The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research also confirmed that Rystix out-performed its competitors. Exterior Sealer is available in a range of 5 colours and a clear variant. The product is a tough, grain enhancing, translucent sealer providing years of protection.After a number of years you should check for wear on the surface of the coating. Depending on weathering you will need to apply a maintenance coat which will involve washing down the surface with a light detergent soap and then re-coating. Failure to treat your furniture will result in deterioration to the appearance. Ultra Violet (UV light) is a form of high energy, which is of a particular wavelength that is able to penetrate the surface of wood. Because it is high energy it actually breaks down and destroys the cellulose structure of timber. Over a period of time depending on how long the exposure is and how concentrated the UV is, wood turns grey and eventually you will find the surface powders.

Keywords: garden furniture treatment

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