monamie from quality tanning studio.

By: quality tanning studio.  13/03/2016
Keywords: collagen, Stand Up, monamie

Mon amie - the first Collarium in the world with the unique combination of collagen-light therapy and UV tanning. With specially developed Collagen Plus tubes, the dream of youthful freshness as is true and UV tubes at the same time ensure attractive tanned skin. Collagen Plus tubes rebuilds the collagen depositories, this rebuilds lost elasticity, which means that lines and wrinkles will be reduced. You have the freedom of choice: You can choose one of the three levels of UV with combination of Collagen, or Collagen on it’s own. This is not only new, it is revolutionary, and really do have an incredible effect on your skin. The Mon Amie assures an overall gentle toning of the skin. Vitamin D3 Optimal vitamin D3 supply - healthy bones into old age, it emits UVB useful to stimulate the melanocytes and vitamin D.

Keywords: collagen, monamie, Stand Up,