"Group Show" will be showing in the Gallery from 22 November - 10 December 2010.

"Group Show" will be showing in the Gallery from 22 November - 10 December 2010. from The Gallery

By: The Gallery  22/11/2010
Keywords: arts, Council, gallery

 The Gallery offers first time artists a platform to exhibit their work as part of a group exhibition. This experience can help to build confidence and act as a pathway for the emerging participants to work towards a solo exhibition at the Gallery.

Exhibiting as part of this Group Show are local residents Jean Ayers, Ola Olaleye, Uche Mick Chinonso, Bhairavi Jathar and Chijoke Onukwugha.

Jean Ayers sees her art as a form of self-therapy and ultimately a release of creativity. The eight pieces in this exhibition, when seen as a whole, represent her life journey over the past four years.

Inspired by European and African art, the pieces in Ola Olaleye’s exhibition capture the essence and beauty of Nature, and are the result of years of practicing in a very rich and strong multi-cultural environment.

Uche Mick Chinonso unleashes his passion as a railway enthusiast by imagining his fictional utopian landscape; Landon.   His pieces compile a set of railway maps for the fictional city.

Bhairavi Jathar has a special interest in children's illustrations, landscape paintings and still life, which are clear to see in her series of paintings and claywork.

Each one of Chijoke Onukwugha's pieces acts as a narrative or metaphor for the behavioral patterns of humans in the modern world.

Keywords: arts, Council, Culture, gallery