PatchStar Micromanipulator

PatchStar Micromanipulator from Scientifica

By: Scientifica  12/02/2009
Keywords: Mounting Systems, manipulators, Electrophysiology

The PatchStar is an ultra stable, super smooth micromanipulator. With X, Y, Z and a virtual approach axis the PatchStar is perfect for a wide range of electrophysiological techniques. The PatchStar micromanipulator can be used as a single unit, as a Double PatchStar or combined with others to make a complete electrophysiology workstation: The PatchPro.

Key Features

  • Ultra stable - Drifts less than 1 micron over 2 hours

  • Electrically Silent so no need to switch the motors off. Nanoresolution (20nm) means exeptionally smooth movement.

  • 20mm of High and Patch Speed motion for contolable positioning. Revolutionary "Smart Sensor" detects the angle of your headstage, this gives an additional virtual approach axis at no extra cost.

  • Multiplex up to 12 manipulators from a single 4U rack.

  • Wide choice of user control device - Control Cube, Joystick or PatchPad.

  • Includes sliding bracket and 2 rotation stages for easy pipette exchange.

  • Designed and built in collaboration with electrophysiologists.

  • Free 2 year warranty for added peace of mind.

  • Keywords: Electrophysiology, manipulators, Mounting Systems, Patch Clamp, patch clamping, Stimulators,