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By: cheaperfuelbills.co.uk  24/03/2011
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cheaper single or duel fuel landline and mobile phone packages . cashback and member benefits with many major retailers.

The UtilityWarehouse Price Promise means that anybody in the UK can benefit from The UK’scheapest standard Gas and Electricity or they will give you back Double theDifference!*

You'll be amazed at how much the Utility Warehouse could save you compared withthe cheapest standard direct debit tariffs available from their competitors.And once you've transferred your energy to the Utility Warehouse you can relax,confident in the knowledge you'll always receive a really great deal with theirunique 'Triple Value' guarantee. Plus, there’s no minimum contract on theUtility Warehouse’s energy services, so if you’re not happy with the savingsyou’re making, you can go back to your current supplier's higher prices at anytime!

'Triple Value' guarantee - the Utility Warehouse provides customers withcomplete peace of mind on their energy bills. They compare their prices everymonth against the average of the cheapest direct debit tariffs available fromeach of the 'Big 6' suppliers*, on a like-for-like basis and will adjust theirprices on a regular basis if necessary.

1.          For your gas, they guarantee their prices willalways be cheaper than British Gas, wherever you live in the .

2.          For your electricity, they guarantee theirprices will always be cheaper than the prices charged by the regionalelectricity supplier for the area where you live.

3.          And for your complete peace of mind, theyguarantee their prices will always remain competitive compared with thecheapest standard tariffs available from the 'Big 6' suppliers**.

10% Extra Discount on Energy – you can get an extra 10%discount on the energy you have used (gas, electricity or dual fuel) after youhave been with the Utility Warehouse for a year. Ask me for details.

Fixed Price Energy Tariff - New and existing QualifyingCustomers can fix their energy prices until 31 August 2014 and all othermembers (ie. with less than four services) can fix their prices until 31 August2013. The tariff is the same in both cases. As you'd expect, Utility WarehouseFixed Price Energy Tariff is very simple, great value, and comes with someunique benefits:

·                    No early termination fees! Customers can switchto the standard tariff or move to another supplier at any time with nocancellation charges or early termination fees.

·                    If a customer moves house - they can take theirFixed Price Tariff with them!

·                    The prices are extremely competitive and havebeen set at a small premium to the standard tariffs being charged bythe 'Big 6' following their recently announced price rises; and

·                    There is just one tariff for each type of fuel,in each supply region (ie. there are no low, medium or high user tariffs).

visit my website www.utilitywarehouse.org.uk/cheaperfuelbills 

*Charges, termsand conditions apply. For full details of the Utility Warehouse Price Promisesee www.utilitywarehouse.org.uk/cheaperfuelbills 

**'Big 6' means the six major energy companies who currently supply over 98% ofUK households, comprising: British Gas, E.ON, npower, EDF, Scottish Power andScottish & Southern Energy. Guarantees and price comparisons are based onthe OFGEM standard domestic usage profiles for low, medium and high users on a like-for-like basis, and exclude Club Membership fee, surcharge for gascustomers using an Independent Gas Transporter, dual-fuel discounts and onlinetariffs. Applies to residential energy customers who pay by direct debit only.

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