Pre-Packed Maternity Bag - Samsonite Lady with a Baby - £99.95

Pre-Packed Maternity Bag - Samsonite Lady with a Baby - £99.95 from Nappy Cakes Ltd

By: Nappy Cakes Ltd  14/10/2009
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Be the envy of the labour ward with this fabulously smart and stylish pre-packed labour bag! Made ready to keep handy in the back of the car for the life changing journey ahead! This makes a really practical purchase for the mum-to-be and would be a fantastic baby shower gift.

Take the headache out of what to pack in your maternity and labour bag with these carefully thought out items. The bag has been tailored for a 2 night stay, so no need to worry whether you've remembered the toothbrush! It is sometimes easy to get carried away with over-packing things which you think you might need, but in reality you do only need a few essentials for those first couple of days.

The bag comprises:

  • Large main compartment
  • Detachable Shoulder Strap
  • Large padded changing mat
  • Internal and External Pockets for nappies, clothes, mobile phone/Blackberry
  • Measures 47 cm L x 33 cm H x 23 cm W

The bag comes fully loaded with branded items:

The items chosen will help get mum through the first 48 hours with her new bundle of joy. Historically, midwives prefer to see baby's bottoms wiped with cotton wool balls which we have included, but have also included baby wipes which are much convenient and practical to use.

Included are all the basic toiletries and sanitary products which mum will need post labour. Nobody likes to really have to think about these items, but you really will need them. Super absorbent towels nowadays are as highly effective as the old fashioned 'brick' style maternity towels, so more comfortable to wear. Also included are paper elasticated waist knickers which are ideal post labour as they are disposable.

One item which we have found indispensable is anti-bacterial hand gel. This is great if mum has had a C-Section or unable to get out of bed easily. Also great for freshening up and using prior to changing baby's nappy. Two toothbrushes and a full size tube of toothpaste are included - one for mum and one for dad/helper. Vaseline is great for many uses, but we thought this would be great to double up as a lip balm if you are using gas and air during labour.

  • Packet of Always Ultra super absorbent towels
  • 4 pairs of disposable knickers
  • 8 Johnsons breast pads (Box shown for illustrative purposes only)
  • Charles Worthington travel size shampoo
  • Charles Worthington travel size conditioner
  • Full size tube of branded toothpaste (ie Colgate, Macleans)
  • Branded deodorant spray (ie Sure)
  • Anti-bacterial hand gel
  • Vaseline

Typically, new mums receive a Bounty pack in hospital which contains lots of other useful samples like nipple cream, sudocrem etc

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