Reptile Mitigation Project 2011

By: Sussex Ecology  11/11/2011
Keywords: Habitat Creation, Protected Species Surveys, Habitat Management

We undertook a reptile survey on a site in Kent following a recommendation highlighted from a previous Phase I Ecology Survey. We undertook a reptile survey and revealed that reptiles were indeed present on this site. The survey was undertaken between May and June 2011. Due to time constraints with the client we decided to undertake a mitigation project this year rather than waiting until next year. By doing this we made the project cost-effective for the client.

We put together a mitigation strategy that met the requirements of Natural England to avoid the impacts of any work on reptile populations and enhancement measures to ensure that that there would be suitable habitat present after the development.

We undertook 30 days of trapping and moving the reptiles to an adjacent field as well as installing exclusion fencing to prevent animals re-entering the development site. The project was completed on time and within the budget of the client. We ensured that this project was kept as cost-effective as possible, whilst undertaking appropriate mitigation. The site will be monitored for the next 5 years to ensure that the project has been successful.

Keywords: Habitat Creation, Habitat Management, Protected Species Surveys, Reptile surveys