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Moto X Freestyle Show from Xtreme Action (Extreme Sports Show Teams)

By: Xtreme Action (Extreme Sports Show Teams)  01/04/2009
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 Freestyle Moto X developed from motocross racing. As the bike suspension evolved, the man made jumps got bigger and the bike became airborne for longer. Some riders started to use the airtime to show off, they got noticed and in a very short time became a big attraction for the watching crowd. Eventually unofficial jump competitions at motocross and super cross race meetings became such a big attraction that they got promoted at separate events and the FMX was born. Take off ramps were developed and in recent times lorry based landing ramps have evolved. All shows include radical airborne motorcycles aerobatics while the rider performs airborne gymnastic moves, which can have multi rider line ups and be choreographed to music and commentary

Show packages to suit all needs
Complete 1 stop shop shows - with our very own mobile take off and landing ramps. 1, 2 or 3 day Show deals 3 x 30 minute displays or 2 x 45 minute displays, or your own specification. Great advertising opportunities, with maximum impact positioning around the ramps, any TV coverage at any event is going to use the FMX as it has the best visual impact. A typical show could include: One, two or three riders and commentator. The riders would be introduced and would demonstrate various tricks and bike skills on the ground, while warming up their engines. The main routine starts with a couple of normal jumps across a 60 Ft gap and then would run through a routine of different moves, with riders gymnastically positioning themselves above, beside and behind the bike, all whilst 40ft above the ground, - sometimes even landing with no hands on the bike. The biggest and best moves are saved til last, leaving the watching crowd stunned. Mobile Ramps Any time Any place Anywhere We have one of the best transportable metal take off and landing ramp systems in the UK, which has beed developed after many years experience and then computer analysed to provide maximum airtime for big tricks - ideal for large or small. The show can be erected on any flat surface - grass , tarmac, gravel, earth, etc. Ideal floor space needed for a complete freestyle display - 150 foot x 40 foot (min).

Keywords: sports

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