SAM - Sturdy All-purpose Machine

SAM - Sturdy All-purpose Machine from Computer Hq

By: Computer Hq  13/02/2009
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Computer HQ is proud to introduce 'SAM' - our newest and latest innovation in our efforts to provide excellent value at reasonable cost.


SAM (the Sturdy All-purpose Machine) was designed as a user friendly computer, capable of being used for a variety of applications in a family or office environment.

This sturdy little machine comes with a 320mb hard drive and 1gb of DDR2 RAM. Featuring a dependable MSI motherboard with onboard graphics and an Intel Pentium E2220 dual core processor, we have made sure that SAM is completely upgradable as user needs increase and/or newer technology evolves. Added to this is a 17" widescreen LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse and basic speaker set as part of this cost conscious package.


SAM operates on UBUNTU, one of the more well known Operating Systems, making costly software demands no longer an issue. We believe Linux has a great future in IT - it has much to offer that is not available on other operating systems.


SAM's greatest asset is that it's a far more secure and stable system than any Windows application. With Linux you won't have to worry about virus infections or spyware and all your input is safe, including online banking and the like. Your Linux system can be set up to be as simple or complex as you want and is compatible with most Microsft applications. It comes with all the appropriate software such as Open Office and Firefox to allow you to be up and running from the moment you plug SAM in.



Alternatively, for the Microsoft junkies out there, SAM is just as happy to run on a Windows operating system - it'll just cost you a bit more!

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