Peoples experience of Counselling with me.

By: Alexandra Perry Counselling  07/06/2016
Keywords: Depression Counselling, Panic Attacks, Counselling And Psychotherapy

SOME CLIENT COMMENTS ON THEIR EXPERIENCE (kept anonymous due to confidentiality) ....."I never really believed that a talking therapy would work......Now I would encourage everyone to experience it........" ....." It's difficult to explain how I feel better..... emotionally lighter would be one way to describe it". ....."I can allow myself to feel what I feel without beating myself up for it". ....."No one had ever really listened to me or been bothered about what I might think ......I didn't even know who I was myself" ....."I thought that being confident and assertive meant being bossy, aggressive and confrontational....It is nothing of the sort". ......"I now don't worry all the time. I can let go of the little things and the things I have no control over. ......Actually I don't feel the need to control them any more!" ......"I always believed that it was everybody else and couldn't see my part to play in it. Now things have changed because I have.

Keywords: anger management, Anxiety Counselling, Counselling And Psychotherapy, Depression Counselling, grief counselling, Panic Attacks, relationship counselling

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