Wasp Sting Treatment

By: Wasp Nest Removal Sussex  16/04/2012
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We are all aware that being stung by a wasp causes symptoms at the site of the sting itself which is entirely normal, but for some they will suffer the more serious reaction anaphylactic shock which is potentially life threatening. If you do develop a reaction you must quickly seek medical advice. Some will suffer mild to moderate reactions like rashes or breathlessness which are easily treatable with antihistamines or steroids. More serious and severe reactions can cause anaphylactic shock which symptoms include shortness of breath, coughing/wheezing, dry/itchy lips and tongue or severe swelling of the tongue, fainting or collapse. This reaction occurs when the venom enters the bloodstream. Treatments can include injections of antihistamines, steroids or epinephrine but in some cases emergency life saving measures may be required such as placing a tube directly into the trachea (tracheotomy) to aid breathing. The patient will then need to be monitored in hospital.

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