Nail Enhancements

By: Turn Beautiful  10/09/2010
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Bio Sculpture® Gel Nails

A semi-permanent nail colour that does not chip or wear away and will last for weeks. During application onto your own natural nail there is no dust, fumes or odour. It is available in a variety of colours, french or clear finish. It helps encourage your own nail to grow with a strong yet flexible finish. It looks as thin and natural as your own nails, only better!
Discover the difference of a healthier nail treatment that is a pleasure to use and wear. 
Bio Sculpture® Gel is a one component nail treatment that strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails. Bio Sculpture® Gel is merely applied onto the prepared, with no time consuming build-up process, is self-levelling which eliminates excessive buffing and is cured under a UVA lamo in 2 minutres - no time is wasted waiting for the product to dry. Bio Sculpture® Gel is removable without damage to natural nails by Soaking Off in less than 15 minutes.
The gel is ‘rebalanced’ every few weeks when re-growth shows at the back of the nail and completely removed after 2, where a fresh application can be applied if required.
Extension - Colour or French 120min
Extension - Clear 120min
Overlay - Colour or French 90min
Overlay - Clear 90min
Rebalance - Colour or French (includes 2 replacements) 60min
Rebalance - Clear (includes 2 replacements) 60min
Single Nail Repair 15min
Enhancement Removal 15min
Removal - With File & Polish add 15min
Removal - With New Set add 15min

Acrylic Nail Extensions
Our acrylic nails are created using NSI’s Attraction System, that delivers exceptional adhesion, strength and flexibility. Its innovative, highly advanced tri-polymer sculpting powders and nail liquid helps the enhancements maintain their colour clarity and flexibility - all with a natural thin look!
Extension 120min
Overlay 90min
Rebalance 60min
Enhancement Removal 30min

Keywords: gel nails, Nail Extensions, nail technician, nails