Colonic Hydrotherapy

By: Turn Beautiful  10/09/2010
Keywords: Colonic Hydrotherapy, colon hydrotherapy, Colonic


Also known as Colonic Hydrotherapy, is the process of cleansing the colon by passing several gallons of water through it with specialised equipment. It is similar to an enema but treats the whole colon, not just the lower bowel.
A technique, which has been employed for thousands of years, colonic Irrigation, is reported to have been used by the ancient Egyptians as an alternative to harsh purgatives or laxatives for colon cleansing, and today remains popular for those very same reasons.

A soothing flow of water is instilled gentle into the colon and our fully qualified therapist will also carry out massage, in order to loosen any compacted matter from the colon wall. You will be provided with disposable clothing and equipment to ensure ultimate hygiene standards during the colon treatment. The water used in the process is filtered, purified and warmed through the system. On completion of the colon hydrotherapy treatment, you should feel light and refreshed with less tension and stress. You can then look forward to a good nights sleep and wake up the next day feeling revitalised. There are no side or after effects, you can continue with your daily routine after treatment. Clients on the first visit are sometimes concerned about needing to run to the loo. This is highly unlikely - most clients resume normal bowel activity 24-48 hours after treatment. Many of our clients find the process so invigorating they book further sessions of colon hydrotherapy within a few days of their first treatment.

Keywords: colon hydrotherapy, Colonic, Colonic Hydrotherapy