Confidence Coach and Therapist

Confidence Coach and Therapist from Progress Psychology

By: Progress Psychology  30/05/2014
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Coaching for lack of confidence Progress Psychology is here for anyone motivated to make changes and keep their lives on track. This often means addressing issues with lack of confidence. You can choose to engage in Confidence Coaching online if you prefer. Relationship coaching It is common for clients to experience issues in their intimate relationships. Sometimes involving partners or family provides the additional accountability needed to create lasting change. ACT is also suitable for couples counselling. Progress Psychology coaching services provide clients with the knowledge they need to to transform their life and the lives of those around them. Even in one session you can learn simple techniques enabling quick shifts in thinking that change behaviour quickly. Targeted confidence coaching Many of our clients only experience confidence issues in particular areas of their lives. For example they may lead a successful career but have trouble with their domestic relationships, or vice versa. This is normal and can be addressed easily, over a small number of sessions with the use of mindfulness coaching and assertiveness training. Assertiveness training When people lack confidence this can lead to issues in how they develop interpersonal relationships. Some of them become introverted and will shy away from any forms of conflict, becoming meek. Others become defensive, leading them to be over-assertive, as they attempt to hide their lack of confidence. Most people experience all these behaviours to some extent every day, in different parts of their lives. For most of us this is not problematic, but for others it can lead to feelings of frustration and resentment that can sometimes build up into anger and aggression. Assertiveness training enables clients to process information and communicate more effectively with others. This allows our clients to deal with all interpersonal relationships across their home, social and work lives with a calm and confident manner, which leads to improvements across the board for our clients. Mindfulness coaching You will learn mindfulness skills to strengthen your ability to ‘not react’. This process works as you become an expert in identifying and accepting the things you cannot change, while you commit to improve the things that matter to your personal development. This will free you to make better life decisions that lead to rapid personal development. Using a strategic coaching model that has been adapted to suit your needs and lifestyle, we will push you as fast and as hard as you want to go. Executive coaching Progress Psychology clients often seek assistance because their career no longer matches their life goals and personal values. This lack of cohesion can lead to feelings of powerlessness and depression. Progress Psychology helps business owners and consultants to drill down behind the financial, business, marketing and managerial challenges to address more fundamental personal blockages, unhelpful beliefs and issues. Resilience training Progress Psychology uses a coaching process known as Resilience Training: Implemented either one-to-one or across an entire organisations, this allows individuals to develop the personal resilience they need to be focused, enthusiastic and effective.

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