Reduce the likelihood of a claim with these simple tips from Jamie Simpson at iInsure365

Reduce the likelihood of a claim with these simple tips from Jamie Simpson at iInsure365 from iInsure365 Insurance

By: iInsure365 Insurance  01/11/2011
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While our landlord’s insurance cover offers protection against unforeseen circumstances, there are certain precautions that should be taken by all landlords to reduce the risk of a property falling victim to the British winter. As we move into November, we’ll be documenting steps each day you can take to prevent any unnecessary headaches. First in the series, the risk of burst pipes.   

Just a small leak can cause no lack of cost and inconvenience. There are simple precautionary measures that can be taken to reduce the chance of a potential nightmare.  

● It is essential that the thermostat is fully operational and that the boiling and heating system is checked regularly.  

● Ensure that dripping taps are fixed and check dripping overflow pipes, which can indicate a problem in the system 

● Check hoses to any plumbed in appliances. 

● Check the insulation on your water pipes and cold water tank - those in the attic or other vulnerable spaces should be lagged or similarly protected. 

● Consider leaving loft hatches slightly open to allow warmer air to enter any loft space housing water pipes and leave internal doors open to allow warm air to circulate throughout the house. 

● Disconnect any hoses and make sure any external taps are turned off. 

● Ensure that the heating is kept permanently on during times of severe temperatures.  

● Make sure you water supply is easily accessible and can be turned off when needed.  

● Should your main heating system fail during the winter months, we recommend that electric convector or fan-assisted heaters with thermostatic cut-outs that operate in the event of over-heating are used as a temporary measure. 

● Portable heaters should be sited well clear of combustible materials and, where possible, protected against the possibility of being knocked over or moved accidentally by the fitting of guards. 

● Temporary heaters should not be left unattended for long periods or used when the building is unoccupied, and should never be moved when switched on. 

● Electric radiant heaters and paraffin/oil fired heaters should never be used, even as a temporary measure. If you discover a frozen pipe, don’t wait for it to burst. Turn off your water supply and then slowly thaw the affected pipe by introducing gentle heat to the area, such as with a hairdryer, space heater or hot water bottle. Do not attempt to thaw the pipe with a blow torch or other open flame. If a pipe does burst, turn off the water supply at the stopcock and try to catch any excess water in a bucket or other container. (Do not use any electrics if you believe these may have been affected by the escaping water). You’ll need to have these checked by a professional electrician. 

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