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Ice Breaker from Anaco Smith Ltd

By: Anaco Smith Ltd  14/08/2014
Keywords: ice breaker, de-ice car park, de-ice driveway,

Ice-Breaker is an exothermic (heat generating) compound. Formulated specifically to melt ice, sleet, and snow, to prevent re-freezing. Because of its unique qualities Ice-Breaker melts ice, sleet and snow 8 times faster than rock salt. When cold conditions are forecast Ice-Breaker can be used preventively. Ice-Breaker is proven to work at least 8 times faster than rock salt. Ice-Breaker works effectively to -59 deg C. Dissolves completely to a colourless liquid, which will not leave dirty deposits. The heat generated by Ice-Breaker penetrates ice and breaks down the ice bond to the ground. Removes fats, nicotine, light oil stains and some food stains The resultant mix of Ice-Breaker and water then acts as an anti-freeze solution preventing re-freezing. The exothermic action of Ice-Breaker and the resultant liquid will not damage paths, road surfaces, or vehicles. Ice-Breaker continues working long after other methods stop. If trodden indoors will not harm floor surfaces. Cost effective and economical to use. When spread sparingly, the residual action means Ice-Breaker lasts longer than rock salt. Ice-Breaker is 100% soluble and safer for the environment. Ice-Breaker is formulated for use on fire escapes, paths, driveways, loading bays, parking bays, steps, forecourts and outside areas where ice and snow present a dangerous hazard to the public and personnel.

Keywords: de-ice car park, de-ice driveway, driveway de-icer, ice breaker, melt snow,

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