Peptest from RD Biomed

By: RD Biomed  05/02/2013
Keywords: Acid Reflux, Hospital Hull, Castle Hill Hospital

So, why use Peptest™ ? Peptest™ permits the non-invasive, pH independent identification of patients suffering from gastric reflux. It detects pepsin in clinical samples obtained from the upper digestive tract and the respiratory system. The presence of pepsin in these samples is a reliable marker for the reflux of gastric juice. Pepsin is the enzyme responsible for the crude digestion of protein in the diet. It is also the main aggressive agent responsible for damaging oesophageal and laryngeal tissue during reflux. Detection of pepsin in the refluxate is an appropriate objective clinical measurement tool because it specifically detects the damaging component of gastric refluxate. Furthermore, detection of pepsin and the identification of a reflux event is independent of the pH of gastric fluid.

Keywords: Acid Reflux, Castle Hill Hospital, Hospital Hull, Peptest, RD Biomed,