Angel Eyes car headlamps

Angel Eyes car headlamps from Ray Smith CarAudioStuff Ltd

By: Ray Smith CarAudioStuff Ltd  16/01/2010

Upgrade your factory headlights to a newer clear lens angel eye headlight set. This set will fully replace your factory headlights. These headlamps give a refreshing upgrade from your factory set and also updates the exterior look of your vehicle. These lamps are a simple "plug and play" replacement; remove the old ones, install these new ones with no additional work. These lights also include a projector lens as the primary light source, which allows more light to come out of the headlight. It also has a wider light beam pattern than most reflector-housing headlights. In addition, this new LED Halo Angle Eye is one of the coolest designs ever. Just like the new BMW, the custom headlight features a cool LED Halo Angle Eye ring around the projector lens. And, with more light coming out of the headlight, there is a wider, longer light beam pattern. It is a must for any drivers who are looking for style and lighting performance.

These replacement lights are also E-Marked, ensuring that they meet strict quality standards. These lights come complete with all headlight bulbs included.

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