Dension Gateway 100 iPod control and charging

Dension Gateway 100 iPod control and charging from Ray Smith Car Audio Stuff Ltd

By: Ray Smith Car Audio Stuff Ltd  19/12/2009
Keywords: Car Audio, in car entertainment

Dension's Gateway systems are designed to allow you to bring virtually any device into your vehicle and control it using your vehicle's orginal radio.

Dension Gateway 100 translates CD changer messages to iPod controls and switches the iPod automatically on and off as you select/deselect the CD changer source. The iPod is controlled from the head unit's CD changer keys and steering wheel controls where available.

Choose an iPod cradle from our accessories section for an even neater installation, or simply have everything tucked away in your glove box.

How Dension Gateway Works

Dension Gateway 100 emulates the CD
changer in the vehicle and makes
use of the original radio controls,
which would have been used
to control the changer, to send
instructions to the connected iPod or
USB source. If a CD changer is fitted,
it can be retained with a CDR kit.
The iPod can be controlled from the
click wheel (iPod UI), or the radio
controls (Gateway UI).

Text Capability

On compatible cars, the Dension Gateway can
break into the car’s communication
system (the CAN), and take
information from the iPod to display it
as text in the car. Using the controls
on the radio, or the steering wheel,
the menus of the iPod (e.g. Songs,
albums, artists etc) can then be
browsed and music selected. The
amount of text available depends on
the car’s capabilities.

CD auto-changer is replaced by the Gateway 100, If CD auto-changer required, use

  • 3G
  • Mini
  • 4G
  • 4G Photo
  • nano
  • 5G Video
  • nano 2G
  • nano 3G
  • Classic
  • touch
  • iPhone
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3G-S
  • nano 4G
  • touch 2G
  • Full iPod control and charging
  • 3.5mm auxiliary input jack
  • Retains OEM dashboard aesthetic
  • Plug and play installation/de-installation. Perfect for leased vehicles
  • Control of external devices through the OEM controls
  • Song information and browsing on the OEM screen
  • Wide range of accessories to extend functionality

Keywords: Car Audio, in car entertainment

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