Amega AMWater Actify Home Water Treatment System

Amega AMWater Actify Home Water Treatment System from Amega Global UK Network Business

By: Amega Global UK Network Business  29/11/2010
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eAmega AMWater Actify is a Water Treatment machine that produces both alkaline and acidic water from tap water.
It addresses the imbalance of every day physical signs at the energetic level to “reorganize” your bio-energetic field. In the state of homeostasis (complete balance), your innate restorative and balancing processes and optimal wellness can be restored.
• Balance the pH level in the body
• Improve the taste and clarity of water
• Helps remove remnants of harmful elements
• Supports detoxification.
Properties of Electrolytic Cell (Plate)
There are 5 plates located inside the AMWater Actify. The purpose of these plates are to ionize the water. It produces alkaline ionized water with an excess amount of OH- ions at one end and acidic ionized water with an excess amount of H+ ions at the other end. The alkaline ionized water is generated with all the benefits of alkaline minerals so that it is drinkable. These alkaline properties neutralize acids and supplies the cells and tissues with alkaline minerals in ionized micro-cluster
bio-active forms.
Water Purifying Device
• Filter Replacement: Easy replaceable cartridge
• Filter Life (Duration): Approx 5~6 months basis 20 Liters/ day
• Filter Life Indicator: LCS Indication
• Filter Composition: Silver-Activated carbon, Fiber filter, Calcium, Tourmaline
• Water Supply: Direct connection to a tap; or a hard lined to plumbing.
Product Specifications
• Dimension: 265 x 140 x 373mm
• Weight: Approx. 10lbs (4.5Kg)
• Produces: Alkaline, Acidic & Purified Water
• Product Classification: Ionized Water Generator
• Input Voltage: AC220V 60Hz (Voltage and Hz to be Changeable
as per user’s requirement)
• Input Electricity (Power Consumption): 0.4A(80W)
• Applicable Water Inflow Pressure Range: 0.7 ~ 5 Kgf/cm2
• Applicable Water Temperature Range: 5 ~ 30 C
• Unit Operation Means: Tap water open and close.

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