By: Fforest Lodge Childrens Unit  25/03/2011
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Fforest Lodge is a residential children’s home registered for three young people aged between 11 – 17 years of age on the date of admission therefore it is possible for a young person to stay until their 18 birthday and as such our aim would be to provide education for all young people between these ages.  Before discussing the actual curriculum it would first need to be recognised that in some way or another all our young people will have special needs, they may however not always be educational, but by virtue of being looked after by a local authority itself declares that in some way or another they will have special needs.  Each young person we have will be treated as an individual and we intend to expand this to be incorporated in the education provision we offer.  Not all of our young people will have a statement of special education needs  and we should embrace this, furthermore we believe that all young people have the right to education whether or not they are in the care of the local authority and as such we embrace the concept of ‘every child matters’.  If indeed we discover that pupils may need a statement of special education needs we will pursue this through the recognised assessment process, this will formally provide the pupil with additional assistance to achieve this might include, extra 1:1 assistance, the use of a computer, additional exam time and in some cases (where a pupil experiences difficulty with writing skills) a scribe.

·        Wherever possible we will seek to deliver the subjects outlined in the National Curriculum as carried out in community education provision.  We plan to deliver a curriculum consistent with the key stage of the individual and we will endeavour to deliver subjects as defined in the national curriculum which will include both statutory and where possible non statutory subjects:

Statutory subjects at Key Stage 3 will include Mathematics, English, Science, Physical Education, Personal, Social and Economic Education, Geography, Citizenship, ICT, Music, Design & Technology, History, Modern Foreign Language. Provision for a non-statutory subject such as Religious Education will be made if appropriate to do so.

Key Stage 4 subjects will include: Citizenship, English, Mathematics, Physical Education, Personal, Social and Health and Economic Education, ICT and Science. Religious Education will also be provided if required and appropriate to do so. Art and Music tuition will also be available.

Subjects outside the National Curriculum will be sourced and funded privately from organisations such as Youth Access and Local LEA schools if appropriate to do so.

Tuition will be in the main be classroom based via a qualified Teacher and Classroom Assistants available to provide support and encouragement on a 1:1 basis if necessary and a range of teaching strategies, methods and tools will be used to deliver the wide range of subjects identified above, this could include the use of TV and Video, Supervised use of the Internet and visits to places of educational interest.

Wherever possible we will seek to deliver a variety of subjects (which may not be part of the National Curriculum) of particular interest to a young person, our essential aim is to encourage academic achievement whatever the ability, and we shall also use alternative courses to achieve this, this may include vocational awarding organisations such as:







Access to physical education provision will usually be delivered by both teacher and care staff in the form of activities which are a normal part of a care plan (and will be carried out in accordance with our policy of safeguarding pupils on activities outside of school).

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