Pipestoppers™ Steel Expanding Plugs

By: Pipestoppers  21/03/2011
Keywords: leak testing, pipe stoppers, pipe plugs

For pressure testing and stopping all pipework from 38 mm (1.5") upwards.

To complete the Pipestoppers™ range of nylon and alumimium expanding plugs we offer all sizes of steel expanding plugs.

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Pipestopper™ Automotive Test Plug Kit

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited manufacture plugs and kits of plugs for leak testing a variety of heat exchangers, particularly radiators and inter-coolers for cars and trucks

Pipestoppers™ Oil-Chem Pipestoppers (Inflatable Blanking Stoppers) from Pipestoppers thumbnail

Pipestoppers™ Oil-Chem Pipestoppers (Inflatable Blanking Stoppers)

• Resistant to most chemicals, gases and oils. •    2 to 100 inch 50 - 2525 mm • Can be fitted with a ball valve or schrader valve. • Stopper constructed to have good abrasion resistance. • Nitrile outer case with coated seams. • Specific designs and variations to suit each application.

Pipestoppers™ Inflatable Pipestoppers from Pipestoppers thumbnail

Pipestoppers™ Inflatable Pipestoppers

An easy way to stop the flow of gas or liquid along a pipe or duct, for collection of debris and to prevent ingress of unwanted material or animals

Pipestoppers™ Aluminium Expanding Drain Plugs from Pipestoppers thumbnail

Pipestoppers™ Aluminium Expanding Drain Plugs

These are provided in sizes from 3”, for more arduous duties such as long immersion in water and higher temperature. They are manufactured with 1/2”, 1”, 2” outlets. The standard seals are made from natural rubber and special rubber seals are available for chemical applications where greater resistance is required. All plugs conform to British Standards BS 8005 for low pressure testing and sealing of pipes.


Pipestoppers™ Nylon Pipe Plugs

These plugs are constructed from injection moulded nylon components and rubber rings. They have the advantages of being light, non rusting easy to expand and can be dismantled for cleaning purposes. The grade of nylon chosen is pure nylon 6 which has considerable wear characteristics and makes them stronger and more robust than other plastic plugs. These plugs will provide airtight seals and in tests with plastic pipes are capable of sealing against pressures from 60 psi - 4 bar, to ov