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Mooncup Menstrual Cup from Mooncup Menstrual Cup

By: Mooncup Menstrual Cup  30/08/2009
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Why Is It Better?

The Mooncup Menstrual Cup:
Contains no bleaches, deodorisers or absorbency gels
Does not interfere with your healthy vaginal environment

Has not been associated with toxic shock syndrome

Will not cause irritation and is suitable for women with sensitive skin, thrush, eczema or allergies

Will not deposit fibres in your vaginal wall

The smooth surface of the Mooncup allows the mucus membranes of your vaginal wall to continue their essential cleansing and protective functions. The Mooncup does not absorb your body’s natural defense mechanisms.

For your safety the Mooncup is made from a special medical grade non-allergic silicone. Silicone is derived from silica which is one of the most abundant minerals on earth.

The Mooncup can be cleaned in the same way as baby equipment: with sterilising fluid, or by boiling for five minutes in an open pan of water.

Unlike pads and tampons the Mooncup menstrual cup is reusable, eliminating the need to carry bulky spares. With proper care your Mooncup will last for several years. Imagine the towels and tampons that you will be disposing of in landfill sites during those years!

How Easy Is It To Use

The Mooncup Menstrual Cup? Correctly inserted, the Mooncup is so comfortable that you will forget it exists. It may take a little practice at first as you need to find the angle and position that is right for you. Once you have perfected it you will be amazed at how simple the Mooncup is to use. You will need to empty, rinse or wipe and reinsert your Mooncup every four to eight hours depending on your flow. The fluid remains inside the cup, and the process is not messy or uncomfortable.

The Mooncup can safely be used overnight and is great for all sports, swimming and travelling.

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