eco-wand® ComfoMeter® - Saving energy costs in buildings

eco-wand® ComfoMeter® - Saving energy costs in buildings from eco-wand

By: eco-wand  17/05/2011
Keywords: Energy Consumption, Humidity, Reduce Carbon

For business, the energy used to air-condition the workspace is only part of the air-conditioning cost, the other part being the comfort and efficiency of the workforce, ie the cost of using the energy badly.

To help with this, Kyle Electronic Design Ltd in Glasgow have launched the eco-wand ComfoMeter system which allows building managers to micro-manage their energy usage whilst considering the comfort of the workforce. The ComfoMeter low-cost USB peripheral plugs into any handy PC to measure the local temperature and humidity. The eco-wand display application relates this to the comfort of the workforce taking into account the level of clothing being worn by the staff and the airflow in the room.

Eco-wand has a number of different functions including Comfort Zone Display, Ideal Thermostat Setting, Dew Point Meter, Max/Min Pointers, High/Low Alarms, Chart Display and Data Logging. All this from a memory stick like device costing just £29.99 + VAT added to your own PC.

I have designed the system to be easily used by management and staff alike” said Dr Alex Gardiner, MD of Kyle Electronic Design Ltd. “It can quickly sort out numerous comfort and energy usage problems in offices, showing managers where the energy is going and showing staff what is ideal”.

Personal Comfort (your Comfort Zone) is effected by the room temperature, humidity, what you are wearing and the airflow across your body. Each of there has to be considered when advising on comfort with economy.

By using the PC to store the measured values, you can see how thing change during the day and can check the timer settings. The effectiveness of the building insulation can also be checked by analysing how the temperatures change overnight when the air-conditioning is off.

The eco-wand ComfoMeter is a cost effective way of investigating building performance and educating management and staff in energy saving and working in comfort.

Keywords: Comfort Meter, Comfort Zone, Energy Consumption, Humidity, Reduce Carbon, Reduce Energy, Temperature Logger, Temperature monitoring,

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