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By: Plan8earth  10/02/2009
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 What is bacterial cleaning?

Many of us will recognise the term 'friendly bacteria' from the many food substances we consume designed to correct the balance between healthy and harmful bacteria. Fragile Earth products use the same principle, using good bacteria to combat harmful bacteria.

We are all aware of the harm many cleaning chemicals do to the environment and many of us would like to use more environmentally friendly products; Fragile Earth products offer an effective and proven alternative across a broad range of applications to replace the more aggressive chemicals that are typically used today. Fragile Earth bacterial cleaning products don't mask odours or 'transfer' dirt from surface to cloth or surface to drain, they actually digest germs and harmful bacteria. They are particularly effective in controlling smells and odours, and use specially formulated safe enzymes and bacteria to effectively clean in a range of applications from hard surfaces, sinks, drains, carpets, floors and other problem areas.

Why use Fragile Earth products?

Fragile Earth products are:Highly effective. Proven biological action. Harmless to humans, animals and marine life. Eco friendly and non-toxic. Highly cost effective. Concentrated where possible to reduce packaging, transport and manufacturing costs, so reducing carbon emissions.

Keywords: e-commerce