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historical and battlefield tours from The Cultural Experience

By: The Cultural Experience  15/12/2010
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At The Cultural Experience we have a passion for history, a love of travel and a desire to create fantastic holidays. We seek out experts who provide great company, have an eye for the ground and who are great raconteurs. It is their job to bring mundane wheat fields, barren wasteland or unrecognisable ruins to life before your very eyes and let you ‘touch’ the past. To understand and appreciate history you must go beyond the written word. You must go to where the great moments in world history occurred. There you can put them in to context, orientate to the geography, stand alongside eyewitnesses and compare and contrast the evidence and draw your own conclusions as to what really happened. And sharing and debating that experience with others who might draw contrary conclusions from the day’s exploration over dinner or in the bar is a tremendous way to end the day. Historians can postulate events to their hearts content, but if they haven’t been ‘there’ their conclusions will always be tenuous. As the Duke of Wellington once wrote, “individuals may recollect all the little events of which the great result is the battle won or lost, but no individual can recollect the order in which, or the exact moment at which, they occurred, which makes all the difference as to their value or importance.” Seeing the ground where they occurred puts them in to greater perspective.

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