Advice to the Gentleman job seeker

Advice to the Gentleman job seeker from Tipton's Gazette

By: Tipton's Gazette  09/07/2011
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 Sir There are on average 38 graduates chasing a job and in some professions there are in excess of 200. If I might offer some advice which ,although it might be counter intuitive, will I assure readers prove very reliable in the end. If the position advertised does not state clearly what it entails, the amount of time off and the benefits then do not bother to apply. Simmerly no occupation should require you to commence before 11 o’clock, have less than an hour for lunch and continue beyond half past four in the afternoon. All that needs to be done can be accommodated within these hours. Any occupation, or calling, that requires the firm to solicit for business is not an occupation that recommends its self to the job seeker be they a gentleman or lady. If you are seeking a clerical or manual occupation it is wise to ask if there is somewhere to sit. Take no notice what the so-called experts say about interview techniques. Do ask what the hours are how much the pay is and what else the employer can offer to induce a chap to take the position. Employers spend an inordinate amount of time tricking the unwary into jobs they either don't want or are unsuited to. It would be far better to seek those in pursuit of personal happiness and fit jobs to people. After all a happy employee is a productive employee.

Mr William Tipton Esq

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