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Ytsara Products from Siam Beauty Therapy

By: Siam Beauty Therapy  13/01/2011
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Drawing on centuries of Asian wisdom, Ytsara™ (meaning "freedom" in Thai) is an invitation to take a fresh look at life, using traditional, natural beauty secrets. Self-indulgence is the core of our beauty philosophy and spa programs. We aim to achieve radiant skin, healthy bodies and total well-being with down-to-earth solutions for those who want to maintain purity, nurture their skin and rejuvenate their souls.

Inspired by an Asian blend of healing and therapeutic remedies, Ytsara holistic spa programs and treatments offer an original & global approach to age-old rituals and native Asian holistic healing practices for modern use.

These rich and inventive formulations using more than 55 organic ingredients will embark you on a journey of self-discovery with numerous tropical sensations: the balancing white orchid facial cream, healing herbal poultice compress, detoxifying ginger body wrap and the quenching bamboo shoot facial mask elicit exquisite delight.

Ytsara's herbs, roots, flowers and fruits are either cultivated on our organic farm in Thailand, or picked by hand in the forest, taking care to preserve the environment.

When wild harvesting is not possible, chemical free fields are selected and all waters that come into the fields are checked to see whether they show any trace of herbicides or pesticides. When growing the crops, no insecticides and/or fertilizers of any kind are ever used. Ytsara ingredients are delicately blended only after products have been ordered to ensure that maximum potency and freshness are retained. All products are certified 100% natural.

Ytsara cares for animals by banning any tests on them. Ytsara cares for the therapists by developing treatment procedures that avoid fatigue and help them manage their energy efficiently.

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