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Windsurfing Lessons from Poole Windsurfing

By: Poole Windsurfing  11/01/2011
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Beginners Windsurfing Lessons start with a dry land simulator session to run through the basics & gain 'muscle memory' ready for when you are trying to re-create the moves out on the water.

The Taster Windsurfing Lessons starts with learning the names of some essential equipment component parts, what they do & how to carry everything safely in the wind. You learn how to get up & balanced on the board into a 'start position', make a 180 degree turn, how to get into a 'sailing position' & even touch on a little bit of steering. This course gets you up & going, having fun windsurfing back & forth!

The Full Beginners Windsurfing Lessons builds on the basics to give you the complete set of skills needed to be safe enough out there on your own. You start with a refresher of the basics, including how to steer around your fellow windsurfers & eliminate sideways drift, then you move on to learn how to windsurf towards the wind with a faster turn called a 'tack'. Next is how to sail away from the wind & do a turn called a 'gybe'. Combining all these new skills we teach you how to navigate your way from any point A to any point B, giving you the confidence that you can get yourself back to any starting point. We also cover how to assemble the windsurfing equipment so you are self sufficient.

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