Non Surgical Face lift

Non Surgical Face lift from CLV-Nugeneration

By: CLV-Nugeneration   22/01/2011
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Non surgical facelifts are conbined with a microcurrent machine and a cleanse tone and moisturise. 

This help the cellular rate of healing quicken faster. This also helps tighten and tone muscles which makes the skin look fresher and younger.

A special conductive cream is used which contains collegen, the micro current helps push this cream deeper into the lower layers of the dermis and epidermis (skin).  You don't feel a thing whilst this is being carried out just a great relaxation treatment.  You will leave feeling refreshed and looking great.

this treatment is a great anti aging treatment.  Ladies are recommended to start using anti aging products from the age of 25!  It would also benefit if you are undergoing a weight loss program and it can help tone up the sagging skin which can be a after affect of weight loss


this is why all those celebrities look 10 years younger because thay are having these treatments.
A course of 10 is recommended, 2 treatments twice a week for 5 weeks. Then at least once a week after that for a further 10 weeks then once a month for however long you wish to cary on with the treatment. 

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