Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Angelic Healing and Space Clearance with The Crystal Balance Company

Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Angelic Healing and Space Clearance with The Crystal Balance Company from The Crystal Balance Company

By: The Crystal Balance Company  01/01/2011
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The Crystal Balance Company specialises in Reiki, Crystal Therapy and Angelic Healing in Bournemouth, Dorset.

All energy treatments including crystal therapy, reiki and angelic multidimensional healing help to balance your energy system. If you feel in perfect balance then you function better - working at your optimum level and attaining amazing things! Life just seems to flow better and you gain a richer and more positive outlook.

Reiki Healing    a non invasive treatment aiming to achieve wholeness and balance. Reiki uses the highest form of loving energy and with this in mind, can only be used in a positive manner.  The Practitioner will channel energy to you which is then used by the body for self healing - It re-balances your energy system allowing your body to work at its correct level. Most people just drift off into a wonderfully relaxed, de stressed state.  The benefits gained are unique to the individual however many feel invigorated, refreshed, re-energised and vibrant. Alternatively you could feel calm, relaxed, chilled out and ready to face the world.

Crystal Therapy  Crystal Therapy or Crystal Healing uses specific crystals to the individual to balance the energy centres (chakra balancing) as well as stabilising the different layers of the aura. It is a highly effective treatment to re balance the whole energy system - cleansing and clearing away unwanted energy and re energising with fresh, new positive energy. Crystal Healing enables one to recognise and release energy blocks and has proved effective for treating depression, insomnia and addictions. Reiki healing is often incorporated within this treatment.

Angelic Healing  a powerful transformational hands-on healing method that works with the highest energies of the Angelic Realm bringing about angelic healing and balance on all levels. Angelic Multidimensional healing allows you to let go of any physical, emotional and past life/ancestral/karmic issues.  It links to your soul energy and allows any old thought forms that are no longer needed to be transmuted into a higher energy. As well as in depth healing from the Angelic Realm participation from The Archaeon, Ascended Masters or Galactic Realm. As these realms are extremely advanced they can bring us a unique and powerful healing experience - accessing areas that many other treatments cannot reach.


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