Crystal Balance Energy Sprays support Dr Masaru Emoto's Seminar

Crystal Balance Energy Sprays support Dr Masaru Emoto's Seminar from The Crystal Balance Company

By: The Crystal Balance Company  10/10/2013
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Crystal Balance are honoured to have been asked to show our Energy Sprays at Dr Emoto's Seminar at the Southampton Guildhall last week, part of his UK Tour. Dr Emoto is a pioneer in the research of energy and water. He has shown that water can hold the vibrations of energies - whether this is from thought, sound or in fact even the written word (as all have a vibrational frequency). Positive energies create a beautiful water crystal and seen under a microscope the crystals even house an image of the vibration - capturing flowers and even images of an elephant! Crystal Balance Energy Sprays work on the same principal as Dr Emoto's water energy work: We use sacred, blessed water; we harness the powerful energy of the full moon; we work purely through unconditional love and for mankind's highest good invoking positive energies and allowing their vibrations to be held within the water. The resulting energy sprays work on your energy system to allow wellbeing for your mind, body and spirit. Dr Emoto was unwell during his UK Tour and we wish him a speedy recovery. We would also like to send our gratitude and thanks to Dr Emoto for allowing Crystal Balance to be part of such a wonderful evening.

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