Christmas Parties Bournemouth

Christmas Parties Bournemouth from MegaPaintball

By: MegaPaintball  22/09/2009
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Christmas Parties in Bournemouth don't get any better when you spend them at MegaPaintballs new indoor paint ball arena.

Mega City is in a state of civil war... A lawless society in terminal meltdown... Where renegade factions fight for supremacy... and every shadow hides a threat. Mega City is a post apocalyptic urban game zone, right in the centre of Bournemouth. It's the south coasts only indoor paintballing experience with state of the art scenario equipment. Nightclub lighting, smoke effects, atmospheric sounds inside a 15,000 sqaure foot playing area with spectator viewing. The ruined Mega City features loads of cover points, windows, sniper spots, crawl spaces, abandoned vehicles as well as more open areas. We also have a central bridge, police cell and bank headquarters, a military checkpoint and some of our buildings feature 2 storeys! Make sure you don't get lost in Mega City, some buildings ony have 1 entrance or exit, others can surprise you with an unexpected ambush if you or your team mates aren't watching your back! All of this adds to the tactical opportunities of our games which are tailored to Mega Cities ruined features. Mega City has a double glazed viewing area where you enjoy a drink in our fully licensed bar and relax with something to eat after your game.

Keywords: christmas parties bournemouth, christmas parties poole