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Cosmos Massage "With a little miracle in our hands" Business hours; Monday-Sunday; 10am-11pm Earlier appointment is possible. Massage prices; 2 hand £30/30 minutes 2 hand £35/1 hour 2 hand £50/90 minutes 4 hand £60/1 hour 4 hand £80/90 minutes FATHERS DAY GIFT CARDS ARE AVAILABLE ASK ABOUT DISCOUNT! Choice of massages; -Swedish, -Essential oils, -Chocolate, -Honey, -Yoghurt with honey -Wrap clay mineral, -Dead Sea mud mask, -Cellulite, Yoghurt with honey massage; Full body massage with a yoghurt-honey mixture. We call it Cleopatra's beauty massage, she bathed in milk and honey which made her skin famously beautiful soft. Honey massage; Todays newest massage. The positive effects of honey include detoxification and waste product removal. It refreshes (improving the skin's elasticity), moisturises and protects the skin. An ideal way to enhance the overall well-being of the body and skin. The honey helps to regulate the body's energy flow and restore a healthy balance. High enzymes, vitamins and minerals penetrate deep into the skin extracting waste products and detoxifies. Honey massage is particularly recommended for: -SMOKERS, in the form of detoxification, -ARTHRITIS and other rheumatic diseases, alleviating inflamed and calcified joints as well as muscular pain. -SPINE, NECK and SHOULDER pain, -MIGRAINE, -DEPRESSION. DEAD SEA MUD The Dead Sea mud wrap is great for skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and allergies which has been proved in clinical trials. A tantalizing treat for many skin problems.It is a highly effective method, using Dead Sea salt with mud, creams and lotions. The Dead Sea mud is not only beneficial to your skin, but can help alleviate rheumatic joint and muscle pain. HOT MUD -Relaxing the whole body and managing rheumatic and arthritic pain. -Refreshes the whole body, improving blood circulation. -Deeply cleansing the skin, leaving it soft and velvety. MINERAL CLAY MASK The Deep penetrating process helps to treat inflammation and bruising. Ideal for deep cleansing, degreasing and detoxifying the body. It helps tighten the skin, improves blood circulation and assists vein function. CHOCOLATE MASSAGE This is a really deep relaxing massage, in which the body and soul alike can get rid of tension and possible pain, producing a real FEEL GOOD effect. Chocolate's natural antioxidants help reduces damage to the body's cells and can slow down the ageing process. It also moisturises and tightens the skin, replacing missing minerals and producing a velvety smooth touch to the skin. The Chocolate massage is recommended for the treatment of: -Dry and maturing skin, -Cellulite -Stress, anxiety, -Depression and fatigue, -High blood pressure. AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE An increasingly popular alternative treatment. Many people suffer from chronic stress from every day life. Aromatherapy is proven to produce good results in stress reduction and relaxation. WE DO NOT OFFER ANY SEXUAL SERVICES! CALL US TO ARRANGE AN APPOINTMENT, PLEASE!

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