By: Change that Lasts  26/08/2011
Keywords: weight loss, hypnotherapy, anxiety

What is Hypnosis?

Have you ever been so involved with a task that you have lost track of time? 

Have you ever driven from one place to another and arrived safely, but not remembered the journey? 

Have you ever read a book and become so involved with the plot you can see scenery and hear characters speak? 

Have you ever day-dreamed? 

These are everyday examples of an altered state of awareness. Hypnosis is another example of an altered state of awareness-one which can be used for self help. It is a perfectly natural state which occurs between being fully awake and fully asleep. 

In the clinical setting hypnosis is usually accompanied by a pleasant state of physical relaxation which in itself is beneficial, especially in the symptoms induced by or aggravated by stress. 

The term Hypnotherapy means the use of hypnosis for the treatment and relief of a variety of problems. No one can be hypnotised against their will and no one can be forced to do things while under hypnosis that they do not want to do. 

Hypnotherapy is completely natural and safe. 

There are no harmful side-effects.

During hypnosis, you will be aware of what is happening: most people do not "feel hypnotised." 

You are still in control.

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