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By: Bournemouth Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning  10/09/2010
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 Just like carpets, the upholstery in your home needs to be properly maintained.  The only way to do this properly is to call in the professionals.

Bournemouth Carpet Cleaning uses the best chemicals and solutions for the job, along with our hot water extracting equipment to properly rinse out the dirt and pollutants that build up in the upholstery.  The process is similar to carpet cleaning, pre-sprayed and agitated by hand not by machine.  The extraction is done under high pressure using a hand tool, using less volume of water.

All furnishings to be cleaned are placed on protective sheeting to protect carpets and flooring whilst cleaning.

Regular vacuuming using the hand tool on your vacuum cleaner is a good way to keep your upholstery in good condition for longer, but, after a while they become dirt with oils from your skin, grease from cooking and every day pollutants in the atmosphere.  Our solutions can break down these soils and remove them, leaving your upholstery looking fresh and clean again.

I commence the cleaning process by removing the vast majority of dust and dry soil using an industrial vacuum cleaner.  In addition to removing much of the dirt, this process lifts many of the fibres to allow access to the base of the construction in the following steps.  I achieve this by vacuuming the entire floor area at least four times in perpendicular directions (as recommended by the National Carpet Cleaners Association).

I then pre-treat and work on all the areas of staining with the appropriate chemical agents to remove that particular stain.  Any residue left in treating a particular stain will then be removed during the cleaning process of the entire area.

I move on treat the entire floor area with the appropriate cleaning agent for that carpet type.  This is allowed ot penetrate to the based of the construction and removes any grease or oils adhered to the carpet fibres.  At the same time, any remaining soil and dust is transferred to the cleaning solution ready for extraction in the following steps.  The cleaning solution is carefully worked into the carpet fibres ensuring the most amount of dirt possible is released and subsequently removed.  I can achieve this using a specially designed agitating machine, by working the solution from 4 different directions to further lift the carpet pile.

The floor area is then rinsed with a powerful hot water extraction machine.  This works by first injecting an antibacterial deodoriser into the carpet at high pressure.  This dislodges any remaining soil from the base of the construction while killing any germs that reside on the fibres, at the same time the machine using twin vacuum motors extracts the dirty solution to leave the item as dry as possible and odour free.

After the carpet has been cleaned I can apply stain protector, this is the best time of aply a stain protector (optional).  This coats each fibre to inhibit soiling and staining.  It allows clients to simply clean up any small spillages.

I set the carpet pile to ensure the best visual finish possible.  Any wood or metal items of furniture are put on protective pads, supplied free, to avoid any staining.  Overshoes are also supplied free of charge.

I am sure that you will agree, my hot water extraction cleaning procedure at Bournemouth Carpet Cleaning is very thorough.  This is the key to obtaining the best results possible and the happiest clients

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