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By: Stewart Nash Consultancy  17/05/2011
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Recognising that our prospective clients wish to understand that we have delivered high quality work and provided excellent value to clients, please browse a selection of references provided by clients that are small or medium sized businesses, relating specifically to some of our work carried out between 2009 and 2011.


A note to say thank you very much for your recent hard work with [name] and I.

It is good to know that we can now look forward to 2011 in the knowledge that we have an excellent plan and you will continue to mentor us so we will implement our strategic plan for growth. The thoughtful approach you adopt when pointing us and nudging us in the right direction, is equally appreciated.

Managing Director. Somerset


With several staff seemingly in the wrong job and no clear direction for the business, we recognised the need to change.

We found Paul Munnery from Stewart Nash to be an absolute Godsend to our business. He is very personable and wise man that we instantly liked, but he is also very experienced in all areas of running an effective business.

Within a remarkably short time he managed to get all three directors, for the first time since we started the business, focused in the same direction and working on tasks that have proved transformational for our business.

His experience is wide ranging and all-encompassing. He very quickly assessed our staff, identified their strong points, determined where their skills could best be utilised within the company then helped us to make a few changes.

As an example, he quickly identified that we had been undervaluing the cost of our production department and that we didn’t have a sufficiently keen eye on generating profits. Both problems have since been satisfactorily remedied.

Director. Devon.


I’d like to say how much we appreciated the time and expertise provided by Paul Munnery from Stewart Nash.

During the past three weeks, we have been delighted with the very professional and helpful advice given by Paul in assisting us with the restructuring of our company along with development and planning for future profitable growth.

We found Paul delightful to deal with, very equipped to deal with the task, sensitive with all members of staff he dealt with, successful in giving us a renewed and greater focus as to our present structure and how it will now be altered very much for the better to improve our future prospects.

Paul has been an excellent business coach and I have no hesitation in recommending Stewart Nash Consultancy to other businesses that need coaching to help plan for growth and achieve their potential.

Managing Director. Devon.


I have had the pleasure of working with Paul on a project for our business and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Paul to any company director. He is very easy to work with, has an objective viewpoint. His manner of working is very effective, he is knowledgeable about how a business operates, highly focused on delivering results and has provided good value for money.

The project Paul was involved with was to help us better describe and sell our software product. Software can be very difficult to explain, particularly as it is an intangible concept. Paul really did help us to further the explanation of our product and put it in terms that any prospective buyer can understand. As the software designers, we found this particularly difficult as we kept falling into the trap of using a technical description – one that other developers may understand, but that would leave our prospective clients none the wiser.

Paul really focused us on putting together a ‘sales’ orientated approach to the marketplace, as opposed to the technical approach we had adopted. Customers now understand what we provide and the benefits to them.

As well as the practical help Paul supplied, he also passed on a lot of his knowledge by coaching us and we still refer to him today when compiling documentation. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul Munnery.

Managing Director. Devon.


We have employed Stewart Nash Consultancy over the past six months to help us prepare the business for growth.

Paul has helped us re-think the roles and responsibilities of all our staff including the directors. With each member of staff now properly trained, having a clear understanding of their role in the business and pulling together as a team, we have seen our business grow at an exceptional rate in the past few months.

We all found Paul to be professional, task orientated and highly motivating. He has taught us new skills and helped us put the business on a development path that we would not have taken without his help.

We can highly recommend Paul to any company that needs professional coaching & assistance to help prepare the business for growth and then ongoing mentoring to make sure the plan is delivered!

Director. Avon.


We have been working with Paul over the past two months to help us better understand and manage the company.  Paul identified the need to manage the operational element of the business differently and has helped me to understand how to grow the business with a focus on gross profits and making the business easier to manage.

Paul understood the complexities of our business very quickly and identified the key issues around how I might overcome some business and people-related problems.  Paul has helped me put new, practical management processes in place and make objective, difficult business decisions to resolve business problems.

Paul challenged many of my business assumptions that pushed me to re-think several aspects of the business, which with hindsight, has been crucial to our continued success. I appreciate the way in which he has taught me new skills.

Paul has a practical, hands-on approach and has worked in the businesses alongside me. His approach has helped me enormously. I recommend Paul to any busy Managing Director needing to develop their business to the next stage.

Managing Director. Devon.


It was our pleasure to have the assistance of Paul Munnery from Stewart Nash Consultancy to help us streamline how we run our business. We had been running our business without effective processes or systems in place and in a somewhat disorganised way. We now run our business efficiently and far more effectively than before, focusing on satisfying customer needs at every opportunity and business profitability at every stage.

Paul coached us and helped us to prepare the business for a period of substantial growth over the coming nine months or so, including putting in place supplier and customer contracts. We now have plans and strategies in place for all key parts of the business – marketing, staff, sales, manufacturing, service, etc. and are now confident that our business can be more successful and profitable in future, in part because we have a clear direction for the business and clearly understand the tasks we have to carry out.

Paul is very personable, clearly extremely knowledgeable about how to grow a business and hands-on in the way he has supported and coached us. Frankly, his help has been invaluable to our business. For anyone considering using his services we would highly recommend him.

Managing Director. Somerset.

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