Golden Mountain

Golden Mountain from Jason Light

By: Jason Light  04/05/2012
Keywords: spiritual, Guided Meditation, Relaxation Music

Golden Mountain is a must to listen to in these troubled times, it takes you on an inspirational journey through lush green fields to a mountain that resonates pure divine gold energy and unconditional love. During this journey you are called upon to release all the burdens from your life and climb towards the energy and love of your true self at the top of the mountain. The anticipation builds as you climb, enabling you to look back, reflect and be grateful for all aspects of your life. What awaits you at the peak is pure unconditional love which awakens and lifts your higher self to a new deeper level of understanding, allowing you to share your light with the world. Throughout this journey you are also constantly blessed by the unconditional love and peace resonating from deep within the golden mountain, leaving you feeling calm, balanced and uplifted by the experience. This is a meditation to use to lift your energies and raise your vibration in these current times, and be uplifted and motivated to create a life full of love and peace. Written to connect you with your higher self this is a must have for anyone seeking to raise their light levels and find their true calling. While the second track Roots of Life envelops you in the grounding and nurturing the beautiful energies of Mother Earth, connecting with the Earth’s core you experience a deep vibrational energy resonate through every cell of your body. This energy recharges, balances and grounds you in harmony with the planet’s living pulse. As you create your own natural surroundings during the journey you will transported into the joy of nature wherever you maybe sitting.

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