City of Light

City of Light from Jason Light

By: Jason Light  04/05/2012
Keywords: spiritual, Guided Meditation, Relaxation Music

City of Light was created to touch and open the heart chakra, enabling the listener to cleanse and release their past and present emotional issues. Set to beautifully haunting music they take you on a wonderful journey of discovery into the colours, visions and forgotten memories of your mind. Both tracks are suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike and have been used very successfully by spiritual development and meditation groups throughout the UK and overseas. City of Light takes you on a journey through space and time to your souls true home, a spiritual planet where your spirit lives in between its physical incarnations on this earthly level. Experience meeting beings of light, who will not only show you direction and guidance on your true pathway through life but will also open your heart to the divine energy of universal love. Travel to this spiritual realm, and experience the true heart felt bliss of returning to your true home, and connecting to your spiritual self. Cloud of Colour connects your body to the universal energy frequencies as it wraps you in a blanket of rainbow light that draws in and feeds your whole being while nourishing both your physical form and your light body through all your chakra’s. Every time that you use this CD you will enjoy a different journey and experience. This ensures that whatever is happening in your life, City of Light will always enable you to easily access divine light and guidance.

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