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By: Heal 2 Toe, Mobile Footcare Specialist  13/09/2010
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Podiatry is the universally recognised name for Chiropody. The change of name reflects the advances in the profession and also brings us in line with other countries where the name is well established.

A podiatrist is a health care professional who assesses, diagnoses and treats problems of the foot and lower leg (below the knee). They give professional advice on the prevention of foot problems and on proper care of the foot. Patients will be of all ages from infants to the elderly.

Their specialist skills focus on tending infections, ailments, defects and injuries of the foot and lower leg, as well as treating foot and nail conditions related to other major health disorders (e.g. diabetes). Podiatrists also provide preventative care and advice to patients and community groups.

They will:

Assess and treat footcare ailments, ranging from problems such as:
Callus, corns, nail disorders, ingrown toenails, verrucae, athlete's foot, sports injuries and heel pain. Neurological and circulatory disorders, such as those resulting from diabetes can also be managed and improved.

GP's regularly refer patients to podiatrists because they recognise that we specialise in this area, and that more serious foot conditions can be prevented by early intervention.

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