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By: NV Hair and Beauty  20/04/2012
Keywords: Unisex Salon, Yuko Anti Frizz

Lisa Marvin 2012.4.19 09:10
I've just had my first ever Yuko treatment, and for someone who is very precious about their hair, I have to say it was a very pleasant experience.  Clare was brilliant and very professional, she made sure I knew what was happening all the way through the process, talked me through the individual stages and inspired confidence.
I don't have curly hair, just a build up of frizz through over colouring (grey route paranoia), an over dependence on GHD's, mainly because I have very thick hair and the fact that after almost 15 years of having a bob, I have decided to grow it.  The treatment has left my hair feeling incredibly soft, silky and with an amazing shine, added to which,  I have not had to use my GHD's or any styling product since.
I would without question recommend this treatment, so call Clare now.

Keywords: Unisex Salon, Yuko Anti Frizz

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