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Face to Face CPD training and online e-learning courses. from Life Change Initiative

By: Life Change Initiative  03/12/2010
Keywords: management training, Life coaching, Depression Counselling

With the economic crisis causing increasing concerns regarding young people, long-term unemployment and crime, more emphasis is being placed upon the need to engage and train marginalised and historically disenfranchised groups. Unfortunately, the majority of these individuals lack the essential personal motivation and sense of self-efficacy to undertake such training. As a consequence they tend to become particularly challenging, often displaying anti-social behaviour, anger and frustration. The management of such behaviour and groups is causing yet more strain upon parents, teachers, trainers, youth workers, social services, police, employment agencies and employers.  


The reality is that patterns of long-term unemployment, anti-social and criminal behaviour can only be interrupted by tackling the underlying causes. That is, until ‘people' are treated as unique individuals and there is understanding that such behaviour is triggered by emotional, human and criminogenic needs not being met, little will change. Punishment and threats fail to meet these individual and fundamental needs. Rather, they serve to demoralise, de-motivate and depress, thus increasing and re-affirming self-doubt, fear and confusion, perpetuating the existing situation. Without change, social exclusion and re-offending rates are likely to increase with prisons destined to become even more overcrowded. Issues associated with drug misuse, mental health, social mobility, academic exclusion and the fear of young people will continue to drive ever-increasing wedges into the very fabric of our communities. Above all, many individuals will remain net debtors to society and we will continue to waste vast sums of money and human resources that should be utilised in other ways.

Life Change UK courses help staff to work more effectively with such groups, reducing stress and improving outcomes.

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