KineticaRT Studio .NET Rapid Application Development Tool

KineticaRT Studio .NET Rapid Application Development Tool from KineticaRT Limited

By: KineticaRT Limited  01/09/2009
Keywords: automotive, engineering, technology

KineticaRT Studio .NET is a Rapid Application Development Tool for building high speed systems for control, monitoring, test and data acquisition using KineticaRT's proven .NET components.

.NET Compatible
Proven Reliability
Server Components with wide range of connectivity options
Powerful Logic Components
Display Components with Unique Live Update
Flexible Application structure
Abundant options for Look and Feel
Quick and Easy to Configure
User Expandable
Logger Server Component for recording and replay of data 


KineticaRT Studio .NET is a Rapid Application Development tool for graphical user interface (GUI) and control software for industrial monitoring and automation. It has been used in the following applications and is suitable for use in many more:

Automobile engine development and production test
Aerospace engine test
Motor sport and aerospace wind tunnel control and data acquisition
Greenhouse environmental monitoring and control

Some of the features of KineticaRT Studio are:

Data capture from OPC servers and other data sources
Data output to OPC servers and other destinations
Data processing using expressions, filters, etc.
Data display on GUI controls such as dials, digitals, trends, bars
Data input from GUI controls such as digitals, sliders, buttons
Drag and drop connection of data source to GUI controls
Event and threshold handling
Sequencing using C# or Visual Basic .NET languages
Optional end user modification of displays, sequences, data processing and data sources

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