By: Isca Outdoor  09/09/2010
Keywords: outdoor pursuits, Cave Leader Training

- The perfect group activity, for fun or for team-building
- Experienced cave leaders offer guidance and reassurance to beginners
- Challenging and adventurous

Caving or potholing is all about exploring the subterranean environment as a team. Don't think that caving is only about crawling through tiny holes, many caves have passages as wide as rivers and chambers as large as houses! Come caving and see a natural environment that you would never otherwise experience.

As the temperature underground remains constant all year round caving is a very popular winter activity.

For beginners we offer short trips to local Devon caves. For the more experienced or the more adventurous, longer trips to the cave systems of Somerset's Mendip hills can be arranged.

For experienced cavers we run courses in SRT (Single Rope Technique) which allows access to vertical cave systems. SRT rescue courses are also offered for those who wish to take the technique further. Weekend trips to the caving areas of Yorkshire and Derbyshire can be arranged for all levels of SRT caves.

Our staff are experienced and nationally qualified cavers. We can provide all the necessary equipment (lamps, helmets and oversuits). All you will need are some old clothes to wear underneath, wellington boots and a sense of adventure!

Keywords: Cave Leader Training, outdoor pursuits