Format Fixed Disk - Writes a pattern of information, then formats the drive with a factory style low

By: A1 Positive Recycling Project Ltd  22/12/2009
Keywords: IT equipment, mobile phone recycling, Data Wiping

Q. What is the DoD standard you mention?
A. This is a manual for government contractors and suppliers, called . It is issued by the Department of Defense and contains security guidelines for companies doing business with the US Government. The EraserDisk Short Wipe routine meets the requirements in DoD 5220.22-M for cleaning a hard drive.

EraserDisk is an independent operating system and comes on a boot-able CD. For older systems that don’t have a boot-able CD-ROM drive, A1 can make a boot-able floppy disk from the Eraser-Disk CD. 4 DIFFERENT LEVELS OF ERASURE- Eraser-Disk wipes a drive at one of four selected levels: Eraserdisk is certified standard.

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Keywords: Data Wiping, IT equipment, mobile phone recycling